Les & Leslie Parrott

“Few actions speak more loudly about the value of a good friend than making time.  After all, friendships today are in a cancerous state–undernourished, withering, dying–because few people are taking the time required to keep them alive.  Friends forget to phone, fail to write, ignore important events, stand each other up, and let each other down.  Some try to gloss over the cause of the failure of an ill-fated friendship by saying nothing could be done to save it.  They blame its demise on busy schedules, pressing deadlines, or geographical distance.  But we all know that most failing friendships suffer from only one ailment: neglect.”

From A Good Friend: 10 Traits for Enduring Ties


One Response

  1. A nice quote! (The Parrots are local to the PNW I believe.) I would guess that behind the neglect we all inflict on our relationships, is the granddaddy of them all: s.i.n.

    I’m off to revamp my social calendar… :~)

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