Nestling into November

Go ahead.  Open it.  Crack the binding and thumb through the pages.  “Inhale” any book by Max Lucado and discover a wonderful waft of Hevencense .

It’s no secret the Max Lucado has long been one of my favorite authors.  He’s penned an entire galaxy of glittering word images, gleaming glimpses of Grace.  If you haven’t yet had a chance to meet Max, do so with this month’s Read Alongs.  Here are a few Max titles to get you started (there’s more where these came from!):

The Applause of Heaven

The Applause of Heaven: a perennial favorite.God Came Near: so near, in fact, that you can feel His fingers and  

God Came Near (Lucado, Max)

breathe in His fragrance across nearly every page of this remarkable, insightful and uplifting tome.

Come Thirsty: No Heart Too Dry for His Touch.  The subtitle says it all.No Heart Too Dry for His Touch (Lucado, Max)A soul-quenching fountain of freshness for parched souls and weary hearts.  Vintage Maz.

Experiencing the Truth of the Cross (Lucado, Max)No Wonder They Call Him Savior: need I say more?

In The Eye Of The StormIn the Eye of the Storm.  Stressed-out?  Overwhelmed?  Exhausted?  Jesus knows exactly how you feel.  In this inspiring, uplifting Max book, meet Jesus face-to-face when He experiences more stress than any other day of his life besides the crucixion. Before the morning became evening he has reason to weep, run, curse, shout, praise, and even doubt.  If you’ve ever wondered if God understands what life on earth feels like, this book has the answers.

You Are Special: Don’t miss this because it’s a “children’s book.”  I love this one.

Just the Way You Are: A good one to read that will engage grown-ups and children alike.   A winner for those “terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad days.”  

  While you’re celebrating around the table this November, why not include some gratitude for some good books – and some great authors?

Happy Thanksgiving!  See you in December!


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