Toss and Trash

photo066.jpg   Resuming our thread from Nov. 14, Hard to Find, it seems an unfortunate characteristic of some female friendships is eliminating friends.  Some members of the “estrogen brigade” toss out or trash “friends” as fast as a three year-old colt at the Kentucky Derby. 

Sound familiar?


The truth is, we live in a disposable society.  Someone ticks you off, yanks your chain, or zigs when you thought they should zag?  Dump her.  Someone missteps, trips over her tongue, misunderstands or presumes?  Don’t bother to clarify or explain.  Just  cut her out of your life.  Ignore her.  Pretend she doesn’t exist.  Cold shoulder exile into social Siberia. 

Isn’t that mature?


If “ex-girlfriend-itis” occurred only among unbelievers, it’d be bad enough.  But when it happens within Christendom with the frequency of tomorrow’s sunrise, doesn’t that say something?  Why is it that when conflicts emerge between girlfriends –  as they inevitably do – so many women simply bolt?  Rather than resolve an issue, they just avoid that other person.  They quit calling.  Stop talking.  Pretend she’s dead.  Ignored, neglected, untended, it doesn’t take long before that rift turns into the Grand Canyon.

How does this behavior honor God?  How does it build His church?  What does it say about believers?   Where does it end?  How?  Why?  Who?  When?



Ladies, we have some real problems here. 





See you Monday at  Who’s Got the Time?


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  1. I made a similar (and somewhat personal) post a while ago.

    Not like this – A look at friendship

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