A Real Friend

“A real friend is someone who accepts you for you, no strings attached.  A real friend is someone who knows all the good and the not-so-good about you and still likes you.

A real friend is someone who will do anything to help you in a crisis.

A real friend is someone who would miss you after you died and only have good things to say to others about you.

A real friend is the person you call to share the happiness of the day or the frustrations of life, and listens though you may have said the same things a hundred times before.

A real friend is a person who compliments your personality, challenges your choices, and accepts you regardless of the mistakes you make in life.  A real friend makes time for you rather than makes excuses for not having time.

Real friends are few in one’s life and when you find one, return the favor and be a real friend back.”

— “Bananano”


Sister Laura (L) and me in “God’s Country'”- Reflection Lakes, Mount Rainier National Park.

+ Yes, my hair is actually just shy of waist-length.  I usually wear it either tied back or up.  It’s easier that way!

Join us tomorrow for a special audio/visual treat.  You won’t want to miss this!


2 Responses

  1. A real riend is who share their thoughts, happiness, sad, worries and secret with each other. She/He will always be there when you need her/him. As long as you wish to share your happiness/sorrow. They will always support and give you a listening ear and assistance.

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