“Cardiac Climb”

The view was remarkable.  Up Central Drive, dog-leg at Hyde Park Drive.  Huff and puff up Cardiac Climb to the stunning summit.  I could see forever.  The town looked like a collection of doll houses and Matchbox cars.  Frosted with steaming curls of fog and cloud.  An outrageous expanse of ocean sounded far below to the north. 

I’ve tackled Cardiac Climb before, but always from a different direction.  This morning I opted for a change and climbed, panting, to the panoramic vista from the other side.  The view of the harbor was the same.  But I wasn’t. 

Isn’t it amazing what a difference a fresh perspective can make?

Soaking up the intermittent sun on this gray-blue morning, a thought hit me, snagged my attention: what about a change in the mental routine?  You see, I spent several unproductive weeks mentally rehearsing wounds inflicted by a “former friend.”  You know the drill.  She said.  I said.  She replied.  I should’ve, could’ve would’ve said…. Replayed over and over…

Why? the Father nudged.  What are you accomplishing with that?

Perched atop Cardiac Climb, it occurred to me that maybe my physical routine wasn’t the only thing that needed a change.  Not that I was doing this deliberately, or even consciously.  Nevertheless, damaging, discouraging thoughts of disappiontment, defeat, betrayal and cynicism slithered into the cerebral hard drive unguarded. 

It was time for a new routine.  It took me awhile, but I finally realized that beating my head against said wall was having little effect beyond keeping me bloody and band-aided.  No amount of dazzling rhetoric or stunning elocution can change a heart.  Only He can do that.  So I decided to change my mental routine.  Rather than a useless, unproductive rehearsal of the past, I chose to let her go.  I lifted my hands to the Lord and mentally placed my friend–and any future He may or may not will for me with her–into His hands.   

The result?  Peace.  

A change in perspective is refreshing.  I wonder what He’ll show me next from the backside of Cardiac Climb?


Join us tomorrow for some choice Christmas Read-Alongs under December’s Decisions.


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