Storm Damage

Yesterday I saw something I’ve never seen before first-hand: Red Cross trucks marked Disaster Relief Supplies rumbling through downtown. 

In this corner of the Northwest many remain cold, hungry, without electricity, roofs, and in some cases, houses.  President Bush has declared the region a federal disaster area, freeing up FEMA funds for some hard-pressed residents.

Last Wednesday – just up the road.  PUD estimates between 600 and 700 trees were toppled on this two-lane stretch of road.

With 400 to 500 power poles and transformers to be replaced, power restoration efforts are running up a tab of $1 – $1.5 million a day.  Bottled propane, gas to fuel generators, tarps and shingles continue to be hot sellers.  Boil water advisories in effect since last week have been lifted.  Most schools re-opened today after being closed all last week. However, some outlying areas are still without power.  Their doors haven’t yet re-opened.

It’s turned cold and wet again.  We were fortunate in that the December 2-3 windstorm that battered coastal Washington knocked out our power for just a couple days – while it was unseasonably “warm” – daytime temps in the 50s.  Without electricity, lights, hot water, fridge, functional kitchen or furnace, we  managed with the trusty Coleman camp stove, cooler, and camp lanterns.  We had our roads cleared and power restored after 49 hours in the dark – before the temps plunged another 10 to 20 degrees during the day.   We’ll have ice again tonight.

However, some people were without electricity and heat for a week.  Some still don’t have power.  Our church is among them.  We had Sunday morning services  in a sanctuary lit and warmed by a generator. 

As Children’s Ministries Directors, we cancelled the Christmas caroling party slated for last Friday the 7th, but this Sunday’s children’s Christmas program, Scenes of the Season: Christmas Tales and Traditions, is going forward as planned on December 16.  The kids have been learning their songs and parts for weeks while we’ve been stockpiling Christmas cookies and goodies, candy canes, apple cider and hot chocolate for the post-program social.  After all, the show must go on.  Hopefully with lights!


Blowin’ in the wind.


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  1. Oh, my…
    We are in for some ice tonight, too. I am thankful my husband is handy that way…the wood is in the house, the Coleman lanterns filled, I picked up a few staples and we are “hunkerin’ down”. I’m praying for the best, preparing for the worst.

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