Charles Swindoll

“In our world of superficial talk and casual relationships, it is easy to forget that a smile doesn’t necessarily mean `I’m happy’ and the courteous answer `I’m fine’ may not be at all truthful…

I’m not suggesting that everyone is an emotional time bomb or that masks are worn by all who seem to be enjoying life. But I’ve lived long enough to know that many a heart hides agony while the face reflects ecstasy.

There is Someone, however, who fully knows what lurks in our hearts. And knowing, he never laughs mockingly and fades away. He never shrugs and walks away. Instead, he understands completely and stays near.

Who, indeed knows? Our God, alone, knows. He sympathizes with our weaknesses and forgives all our transgressions. To him there are no secret struggles or silent cries.

He hears. He sees. He stays near. He accepts us and loves us unconditionally. He is `The father of mercies and the God of all comfort.'”

From The Finishing Touch. 


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