A Century of Faithfulness


My alma mater, Biola University, turns 100 years old this year.  A leading Christian university rooted and grounded in a still-vibrant Christian commitment with an unswerving, undiluted devotion to the Word of God, Biola is a nationally recognized university dedicated to the integration of mind and character.  Biola is among the creme de la creme of fully accredited institutions of higher learning in scholarship, service and academic excellence that are distinctly and unashamedly Christian and of the highest quality. 

Over 40,000 Biola alumni serve the Lord in all corners of the globe and in an immense variety of venues.  As a member of the Class of ’82, I join with the University community, friends and alumni in wishing Biola a Happy 100th Birthday as we celebrate a centennial of God’s faithfulness and His amazing grace.   See my side bar and next post for more.

One hundred years old and still going strong.  A Century of Faithfulness.  Go Eagles!


NOTE: It’s not every day that a distinctly Christian university marks 100 years of faithfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.  I’ve started a separate blog to celebrate this historic milestone, A Century of Faithfulness.  The site is under heavy construction.  Future plans include Biola’s history, mission, vision, University links, pictures from my recent campus visit, and more!  To get started, visit A Century of Faithfulness at:


 Also in the pipeline: Is it Dead (lack of punctuation intentional), a look at a withered relationship between Daughters of Eve in novella form.  This series of posts explores what happened between Claire Sinclair and Sylvia Winthrop, and why.  Can we learn anything from their experience?


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