Just Released!

What is forgiveness?  Does forgiveness automatically result in reconciliation or a restored relationship?  Are forgiveness and reconciliation synonymous?


These and other relational questions are explored in McFriends, just released by Long Story Short (LSS) Publishing Company (contains bonus material not included in blog posts).  A probing novella set in the gentle Hill Country of south-central Texas, McFriends explores a fading friendship between principals Sylvia Winthrop and Claire Sinclair and why forgiveness and reconciliation aren’t necessarily synonymous.  The prevalence of today’s “drive-thru” relationships and “fast food friends” is also examined, showing why both leave us hungry and unsated.

“An amazing writer!  I have to praise the author’s gift for description and her command of the language!  She’s also terrific with dialogue and conveying emotion. We are pleased to publish this ebook.”
— Denise Cassino, Publisher, LSS Publishing.
McFriends can be found under the Fiction section at: http://www.lsspublishing.com/.  A hardcopy version is available in trade paperback at: http://www.lulu.com/content/2041203.
Chapter 11 of McFriends (in blog format) is just around the corner…


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