Beyond the Gates of Splendor, Part 2

If you thought last Friday’s Film Feature was something, just wait!  Check out part 2:

Chapter 15 of McFriends appears on Monday.  Join us on March 28 for a trailer from Beyond the Gates, followed the next week by Now I See it Well…

Also in the pipeline, a series of Friday Film Features with Les Miserables.  The timeless classic by Victor Hugo, recently retold as a musical, is in IMHO the finest depiction of the juxtaposition between Law and Grace ever presented on stage.  Simply magnificent.  Due to launch in late April!


One Response

  1. I am so inspired!!! Having just finished “Beyond the Gates of Splendor,” I can sense the love for the lost that the missionary families have exhibited.

    My husband and I recently moved to Garland, TX (near Dallas) and desire to begin our family ministry, “God’s Hand Ministries,” here with our neighbors.

    Please pray for us and for God’s leading and wisdom in this endeavor. We wish to be a light to the lost in our own neighborhood.

    Yours very truly,
    Gayl Walerius

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