Beyond the Gates (Trailer)

Continuing our Friday Film Feature about missionaries to Ecuador and a faithful God… (To play, click on the left triangle on the control bar below the “You Tube” logo rather than in the center of the screen to avoid feedback.)

“We can’t shoot the Waodani.  They aren’t ready for heaven.  We are.”

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Check out this remarkable true story in Auca missionary Elisabeth Elliot’s first-person narrative, Through Gates of Splendor, available at most libraries.  Next Friday Film Feature: End of the Spear.  Join us!

Also in the pipeline: a series of Friday Film Features with Les Miserables. The timeless classic by Victor Hugo, recently retold as a musical, is in IMHO the finest depiction of the juxtaposition between Law and Grace ever presented on stage.  Simply magnificent.  Due to launch in late April!  For a sneak preview, check out One Day More on my vodpod!


2 Responses

  1. I saw End of the Spear and thought it was very good.It opened my eyes more to what missionaries must face. I would of liked to hear God and Ye must be born again mentioned more in the movie. I would like to see more movies that are descent (no sexuality,no foul language,no crude humor)and that has “sound doctine” in it. Satan has so polluted hollywood. People don’t realize the effects movies and music can have on our hearts. End of the Spear was intriguing to me. I really like the end where the guy tells that man that no one took his dad’s life, he gave it. Amen. Praise the Lord Christ gave Himself for us.

  2. Dear Folks
    For a long time we have been wondering how to get a copy of the movie ‘Beyond the Gates’. The trailer is on the ‘End of the Spear’ movie and their is no other mention of how to get this movie. Please contact us, if you will.

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