Now I See It Well…

Continuing our Friday Film Feature….

Randy Alcorn’s interview with Steve Saint, son of Nate Saint, one of the five missionaries murdered by the Waodani (aka: Auca) Indians in Ecuador, and Mincaye. 

To fully appreciate this, you have to realize that Mincaye was the Waodani who speared Steve’s father, Nate Saint, to death in 1956.  As Mincaye says, his heart was dark at that time, before he understood the markings of the God who marked the trail to Him with the blood of His Son.  Later, Steve went back to Ecuador to live among the Waodani.  He not only lived among the tribe, he was also adopted by Mincaye as his son.  The Saint family considers Mincaye their grandfather.

Up next Friday: For the Sake of the Call by Steven Curtis Chapman.  Super stuff!

Preview of Coming Attractions: A series of Friday Film Features with Les Miserables.  The timeless classic by Victor Hugo, recently retold as a musical, is in IMHO the finest depiction of the juxtaposition between Law and Grace ever presented on stage.  Simply magnificent.  Due to launch in late April!

 Check out One Day More (the Act 1 finale) on my vodpod for a sneak preview!

McFriends returns on April 21 chapter 24.


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