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Last weekend I had the honor of representing OC at the memorial service for Dr. Clyde Cook, who died of a massive heart attack in his home in Southern California on the evening of Friday, April 11. The Fullerton Evangelical Free Church, where Clyde and his wife, Anna Belle, were members for many years, was filled to overflowing as nearly 2,000 people gathered to celebrate Clyde’s extraordinary life and worldwide ministry impact.

A fourth-generation missionary, Clyde always viewed himself as a missionary. His life and ministry were characterized by a lifelong passion for and commitment to the Great Commission. Following his graduation from Biola University, Clyde and Anna Belle joined OC and served with the mission in the Philippines from 1963 to 1967. Following these years of service with OC, Clyde returned to Biola, where he served for 12 years teaching in the areas of intercultural studies and missions. In 1978 Clyde and Anna Belle rejoined OC, where he served as president of the mission for three and a half years. In 1982 Clyde once more returned to Biola to assume the role of president of the university. Clyde served as president of Biola until his retirement in June 2007.

During his years of service as OC president, Clyde put in place an organizational and financial structure which served as a solid foundation for the rapid growth and expansion the mission experienced during the years following Clyde’s return to Biola. In the same way, under Clyde’s leadership, Biola experienced dramatic and sustained growth and expansion, with enrollment nearly doubling during the 25 years Clyde provided leadership for the university.

In Hebrews 13:7 we read the following: “Remember those who led you, who spoke the word of God to you; and considering the result of their conduct, imitate their faith.” Those of us in OC do remember Clyde’s faithful years of service with OC, first as a field missionary in the Philippines, and then as president of the mission. We are deeply grateful to the Lord for the godly and wise leadership that he provided during a critical season in OC’s growth and development. As president of the mission, I am committed not only to honoring Clyde’s memory, but also to seeking to follow his godly example as we in OC continue to labor together to effectively carry out the Great Commission task to which Clyde dedicated his life.

–Greg Gripentrog, President of OC International

Did You Know?

You can read more on Clyde Cook, by going to, to view his biography, legacy, photos, videos, tributes, and memories.

Dr. Clyde Cook

1935 – 2008





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