Friday Film Features: “Les Miserables”

The opening number from our new Friday film series,  Les Miserables.  From the 10th anniversary performance at Royal Albert Hall in 1995.  This Law vs. Grace-themed musical is now legendary.  A favorite.  For those who know what to look for, the Christian themes are unmistakeable.  More to follow thru July, so stay tuned! (NOTE: To avoid feedback, be sure to click on the left bottom arrow to play – below the YouTube logo – rather than the arrow on the center screen.)

Personal note:  My DH and I have seen every film version of this story ever made.    This “dream cast” musical version is our favorite, hands down.  Second best: the old black and white version with Charles Laughton and Frederic March.  (The film version with Liam Neeson as Valjean is excruciating.  Don’t waste your time.) 

Also, don’t forget to read the book by Victor Hugo!  Such rich, well-rounded characterizations!  Additional dialogue, characters and scenes not included in the stage production.  Available at most libraries.  Join us next Friday for more Les Miz!


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