Regal Rainier

Some of our photos from our trip to Mount Rainier, the undisputed Queen of the Cascades.  We celebrated our silver anniversary here last week.

 Nisqually Entrance to Mt. Rainier

At Nisqually (west) entrance – 5/6/08

Outside park HQ at Longmire - 5/7/08

Park HQ, Longmire: 5/7/08


Longmire General Store – 5/6/08                             


 National Park Inn, Longmire


Back of National Park Inn – May ’08

To Paradise – 5/6/08

Nisqually River crossing – 5/7/08


Road to Paradise – 5/7/08

“Avalanche?  WHAT avalanche?”  Near Narada Falls.

We hiked here last June!

Outside Jackson Visitor Center, Paradise.


Nisqually Vista Trail, Paradise (sort of).

Paradise Inn, built in 1917.  Renovation

to be completed this month!

Just outside Paradise Inn – 5/6/08.

Fresh dusting of snow at Paradise – and then some!


The Mountain from Longmire – 5/7/08.

The Mountain in watercolor.

Kautz Creek Trail (sort of).

Ain’t she grand?

From Longmire – 5/7/08.


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