“Glimmers and Glitches”

   “While there are some glimmering moments along the church’s history (the Protestant Reformation, for instance, brought out “the priesthood of all believers” providing justification for women to read and understand the Bible, Puritans began instructing females in doctrine and writing tracts, Quakers provided places for women to teach and preach), most of the church has frowned on women acting as full-bodied, full-souled images of God.  The message that has been drummed into our minds is that something is inadequate in our being; somehow we don’t make the final cut of image bearer of God.  Somehow we are more polluted by the curse, so we live in an attempt to cover these scars from Eden.


When `gentle and quiet spirit’ becomes merely modest clothing, purity before marriage, and anti-assertive personalities, we see how womanhood becomes about covering and holding back.  When women are told that femininity is ruining the church, they start to wonder if it’s their fault.  How many women have been asked to wrestle with the commands addressed, the real meaning of “gentle and quiet sprit”?  How free are we to be honest and transparent as we share our thoughts on Christian womanhood”?


 How the Soul of a Woman Brings Her Home  From Ruby Slippers: How the Soul of a Woman Brings Her Home 

By Jonalyn Grace Fincher

Zondervan, 2007

For more, visit: www.soulation.com 




– To be continued –


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