Something… More?

   Have you seen it?  Felt it?  There may be something afoot within the pearly pillars of Christendom.  Female Christendom, specifically.  Boredom.  Monotony.  Round pegs in square hole-itis.  A soul-longing for something….. More?


What is “Christian womanhood,” anyway?  I have my own view on that question, and it’s this: there are as many answers and examples of “Christian womanhood” as there are woman to exemplify them. If you’re following this blog regularly, I’m gong to assume you’re already familiar with the biblical examples.  I’ll give you a short list of examples from more recent times:


n      Corrie ten Boom

n      Elisabeth Elliot

n      Shirley Dobson

n      Gladys Aylward

n      My mom

n      Amy Carmichael

n      Joni Eareckson Tada

n      Eleanor Jermain, my third grade Sunday school teacher who led me to Christ

n      Ruth Bell Graham


This is a mega-short list.  You probably have your own.  Note that some of these Christian women were/are married.  Some weren’t/aren’t.  Some were mothers.  Some weren’t.  Some were missionaries, evangelists, teachers, authors.  Some weren’t.  Know what I think they all had in common?  They belonged wholly to their Lord – heart, soul, mind, body.  They followed his lead – whether to the mission fields of Ecuador or China, a Sunday school class, or a Master’s degree and a professorship at a state university (my mom, who was promoted to glory years ago). 


Clearly, “Christian womanhood” isn’t a “one size fits all” proposition.


Which leads me to another question: if there’s no “one size fits all approach” to Christian womanhood, then is the traditional “women’s ministry” paradigm – a weekly Bible study with a fill-in-the-blank workbook focusing on wife-ing and mothering* – relevant?  If it is, then why do some Christian women yearn for something…. Deeper?  Or do they?


Do you ever sense that something’s….. missing?





* For more on this topic, visit:


– More later.  Stay tuned –



One Response

  1. I believe that the root of Christian womanhood is based upon a relationship with a deep foundation in Christ. We are unable to reach our fullness of the varying positions we have as wives, mothers, etc. without having the relationship with Christ deepened. Ministries do best by helping women develop their relationship with Christ to gain revelation in how they can be the Virtuous woman or the example mentioned in Titus 2. In studying the Word, Bible study groups or small groups are able to encourage women on how to apply the Word to their lives. I don’t believe that there is one particular program that works for all women, but all programs do need to be rooted in the Word, encourage a personal, intimate relationship with Christ, and help women with applying the word to their lives.

    Minister Mamie L. Pack

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