Lists vs. Life?


    “When women choose the church norms of femininity instead of wondering if Christ wants us to grow deeper to understand our womanhood, we muffle God’s image in ourselves.  When we toe the party line instead of questioning, wondering, and doubting the script we’ve been given, we allow our desire for a husband or the men we admire to rule even our own souls.  We are living the curse.


But we are living it with `feminine’ frills.  We have pink witness-wear, dainty cross jewelry, and flowery bookmarks.  We can buy embroidered Bible covers and go to women’s Bible studies, which are geared to help us accept our curse.  Some of these women’s Bible study groups give us more lists, ways to be more gentle, quiet, and submissive.  We are told that we really are happier when a man takes care of us.  That we feel safer that way.  That we are natural followers.  And the studies we read, the jobs we accept, the pay we earn, all testify to our belief that this subordination is true femininity.  It’s much simpler to settle and forget about the ruby slippers.  It’s simpler, and anyway, isn’t this just the way life is?  Isn’t this God’s judgment on us?”


— Jonalyn Grace Fincher


For the full answer to these and other questions regarding Christian femininity, check out Ruby Slippers by Jonalyn Grace Fincher.  Zondervan, 2007.  See my Book Reviews for more.


Join us here for Friday Film Features with Steve Green and Find Us Faithful, followed by our Saturdasy Say What?! series.  Our discussion on Christian womanhood continues next week with “Flight Paths.”  Stay tuned.


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