“Proverbs & Paradigms”

   Despite the fact that entire ministries have been built on “Proverbs 31 paradigms” – Proverbs 31 Ministries, Above Rubies, Women of Excellence, MotherWise Ministries, and A Virtuous Woman, to name a few – I’m not a big fan of most “Proverbs 31-isms.”  But not for the reason(s) you may think.


Don’t get me wrong.  King Lemuel’s (Solomon’s) “wife of noble character” is just that, describing a wife who fears the Lord.  Enterprising, industrious, compassionate, free of anxiety and worry, respectful of her husband, supportive of her family, a wise and loving counselor, and so on.  Wonderful.  But be honest now.  Does “Proverbs 31” elicit unbridled glee and bubbles of excitement when it’s announced as the topic for the next Bible study?  Women’s retreat?  Sermon series?  Isn’t that why we all rush out to invite “friends, Romans and fellow country (wo)men” to the next women’s ministries event “based on Proverbs 31”?  Have you seen the female hordes and masses lined up outside the church, beating the doors down to rush inside for the next session on Proverbs 31?


Me neither. 


How come?


          To be continued –


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