Does vs. Is?

– Please see prior post(s) for context –


Since “biblical womanhood” or “Christian femininity” is so often and inextricably linked to Proverbs 31, Google “Proverbs 31” and “ book.”  (I can wait.)  Chances are you’ll return hits featuring:


– 12 steps to becoming a more organized woman

– Practical tips for managing y9ur home and life

– 7 principles of a Proverbs 31 woman (oops – wife?  There we go again.  See prior post.)

– A list of domestic duties and what she does: helps, honors, keeps, teaches, prepares, buys, sells, gardens, sews, speaks, contributes, and trains.  (If that’s not enough, don’t forget the omnipresent categorical catch-all of Tips.)


These are all worthy endeavors.  Being a wife and mother is a noble calling.  But is that what “biblical womanhood” is: a dandified To Do list?  Put another way: Is a “biblical woman” defined solely by what she does?


Ever notice how many books, sites and ministries related to Proverbs 31 focus on what this idealized woman does?  Even those claiming to offer “an empowering look at the role of women” launch into To-Do lists before the ink is dry on the same page.  It’s as if biblical womanhood /Christian femininity are defined by a To Do list.  Yes, what we do flows out of who we are, but how often do we start at “Square One”? (I have my own view.  I’ll let you wrestle with the rest.)


Bottom line: My question in this series of posts is this: laudable as the “wife of noble character is” – do you ever yearn for something …. More?  Does “the Proverbs 31 woman/wife” ever feel stifling?  Unobtainable?  A hopelessly too-high target?  Moot?


I’m not going where you may think with this.  I’m not priming the pump to launch into a new To Do list of trying harder.  Studying more.  Reading another book or attending one more Bible study.  I’m just wondering if we’re starting from the wrong place.  Because if Proverbs 31 is largely about what a biblical woman/wife does, what about Who She Is?


– Stay tuned –


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