A Response

We don’t generally  respond to comments in the main portion of this blog, but a recent comment from “Ollie Williams” provided an opprtunity we couldn’t pass up.  Refer to the Comments section of our sidebar for context.  HEvencense responds:


Actually, no mention is made anywhere on this site about Sen. Obama being “Black.”  That’s an issue that Ms. Williams chose to inject into the discussion, NOT HEvencense. 

Also, if Williams could be bothered to actually read any of the posts listed under the Obama pages (without jumping to knee-jerk, prejudicial conclusions), she would find that several of the links include articles written by “Black” authors such as Larry Elder and Dr. Thomas Sowell.  (So much for her “simply because he’s black” argument – which is just plain silly.) 

Also note that HEvencense does not tag Sen. Obama the “most unqualified candidate in history.” If Williams had actually READ the post at link provided, she would find that this is the title of an article  by James Lewis in the August 6 issue of Free Republic.  (So much for an informed opinion. )

Also, note that the authors of this site neither endorse nor oppose Obama’s candidacy.  They have simply provided a number of links to several different authors from numerous sources to bring a broader spectrum of perspective and analysis to the discussion.   (Among other items overlooked by Williams is a link to the Official Campaign site of Sen. Obama.)  Any reader is free to agree or disagree with any of these viewpoints or links, provided they can do so within the bounds of civility, without resorting to the cheap shots of unsubstantiated assumption and ad hominems which are rife within Ms. Williams’ comments.

Finally, HEvencense wants to extend a thank you to Ms. Williams for providing a post (comment) that indicates the type of mindset and perspective underlying the Obama candidacy and those who support him.  (She also misspelled “koolade” and violated our Comment Policy, but who’s counting?)


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  1. Ms.Ollie Williams is obviously mentally unstable and should seek the help of a mental health institution.

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