Things You Can Count On…

– Death

– Taxes

– When wounded and cornered, political parties turn vicious.  Apparently short on substance, the injured party almost always turns to invective and blatant ad hominen attacks (and what might be dubbed “hate speech” in another forum).  This type of behavior is a pretty good barometer for measuring the level of fear and desperation within the attacking party.   

Judging from the reaction to Sen. McCain’s recent selection of Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate, can Democrats be dubbed “The Party of Desperation”?   Apparently a conservative female governor from outside the Beltway has the DNC running scared, just shy of a full-scale meltdown. 

Doubtless it’ll only get more interesting…


And for our regular readers, thanks for your patience.  We plan to return to our “regularly scheduled programming” next week… altho our plans are always flexible, so you never know… 🙂


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