“Consumers” or “Cultivators”?

Please see previous post(s) from August for context. (Otherwise, you’re coming late to the party.)

Do 12 principles for That or three steps for This teach you a program or how to walk with God?

Don’t misunderstand. Sermons, studies, and service are valuable. But is that where our identity as “Christian women” comes from? Is “biblical womanhood” or Christian femininity based on the number of verses we’ve memorized? Meals we’ve served? Studies we’ve completed? The amount of gigabytes we can carry around in our head? Is information, head knowledge alone, enough? If it is, just change the content a little and any cult take take you through a program like that. Stuff your head with To Dos and Don’ts. But only Christianity can teach you how to walk with God.

Notice I don’t equate walking with God with joining a church or attending regularly. Ditto joining a small a group, starting a new ministry, taking a course in doctrine, teaching Sunday school, completing a spiritual gifts inventory, doing evangelism, hermeneutics, or even measuring up to that infamous icon of “the Proverbs 31 wife/woman” (discussed at length elsewhere in this meme).

Those are all well and good, but walking with the Lord isn’t just about programs or principles or To Do lists (which is where so many “approaches” – like the typical fill-in-the-blank workbook – fall short). Walking with God is about Him. Cultivating intimacy with God. Or, as Dallas Willard puts it in The Divine Conspiracy, “constant conscious interface with God.” My heart beating with His.

So many Christians see Jesus as a beloved but remote savior. A part of the hereafter whose primary reason for coming is to grant us admittance to heaven. What Willard dubs “consumer Christianity” and “bumper-sticker faith.” The “theology of sin management.” Willard says “Jesus is not nice, he is brilliant…. (He wants to be) woven into the warp and woof of my daily life.” I love that.

Stay tuned.


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