Learning & Listening

Wisdom and a “learning listening” are two chief ways we get to know God intimately, walk closely with Him. “Wisdom” is an attribute of God (Proverbs 3:19). In Hebrew thought it’s characterized by such virtues as industry, honesty, sobriety, chastity, and concern for a good reputation. It includes technical skill, military prowess, shrewdness, and is given to those who fear the Lord (Ps. 111:10, Job 28:28).

Wisdom shouldn’t be confused with cramming one’s head with facts, sermons, programs, principles, degrees, diagrams and Greek phrases or Proverbs 31 Bible studies. Nothing wrong with any of those, but Wisdom is gained in developing a discerning heart.

Biblically, the heart is the seat of the intellect, feelings and will. It’s often used to signify your innermost being. Your heart is what makes you, you. Your heart – your “inner essence” – is where you choose to cultivate intimacy with God by communicating, meditating, listening, learning, obeying. Being still. It takes a lifetime.

We also learn to walk with God by attuning our hearts, minds, and souls to His voice. He still speaks. Through His Word. His Holy Spirit. Events. Circumstances. Others. And In community with those of like mind and purpose.

More later.  Stay tuned.


We are heading out to the Cascades to enjoy a few days of Indian summer before the snows fly.  See you next week!


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