Are Women Human Beings?

Does this sound familiar?

The answer to this question may seem obvious, but upon closer examination it is very much in doubt in some “Christian” camps.  For a longish but thoughtful post on this question a la St. Edith Stein who, in so many ways, contradicts the “Catholic” Patriarchy Movement.  A brief excerpt:

“What we mean by the terms “Patriocentrism,” or the “Patriarchy Movement,” is a spirit or tendency, manifested in various behaviors, that is spreading, quite extensively, within conservative, or “Traditional” Catholic parishes, publications, and schools. It is also becoming entrenched among Evangelical Christian churches and, most particularly, within the Christian home school movement.(emphasis mine.)

Patriocentrism is not necessarily a “hard and set” list of clearly defined dogmas, though there are some common core ideas and many similar manifestations among those who are infected with this intellectual “virus.”

At the root of the Patriocentrist error concerning women is a confusion of nature and gender. …”

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See Talbin Rising under my blogroll for more.  And join us next time for the “semi-provocative” post, “Are we Kabul?”


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