Are we Kabul?

“What is frightening about this list, is the similarity between its prescriptions and some now being proposed, in the name of Tradition and the Bible, to Christian women in the United States by the Patriocentrists.

Would it be possible, in this country, for a group, such as the Islamic Taliban, to succeed in imposing these laws upon women? Would the American women not fight to the death, literally, to protect themselves and their daughters from the atrocities that were imposed on the women in Afghanistan?

The only way to achieve such domination over the women in this country is if the women submit to it of their own free will. What could induce women to submit to such slavery? Their religion must be radicalized. They must be taught that living life in seclusion is actually their “Normative Role, “the deepest aspiration of their womanly nature,” or other such dribble. In short, to move women to shut themselves away from civil society, it is imperative that they come to see a life of intellectual and physical claustration as “God’s will for them.” They must be trained to have a “Pavlovian” response to reject, as Feminism or Liberalism, any teaching that defends the duty of the woman to live her life as a responsible, rational human individual.”

Check out the full post, Shot for Going to School at Taliban Rising:

See more blogroll under Taliban Rising for more.

We’re wrapping up this min-meme and due to launch something new in the near future – hopefully next week.  Stay tuned.


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