“Truly” – ?

j01c0090 Pull up a chair.  Pour yourself  a nice cold glass of milk* (2%, of course) and break out the Oreos!  Settle in for some interesting reads and a dab of food for thought regarding “True Women”.  (Read the True Woman Manifesto for yourself).  A brief sampling:

True Woman movement seeks to counter 60’s feminism.

Some more articles.  Lots here to choose from.

From The Line.

Another view from Suzanne’s Bookshelf.

From Prophezi: They Died for the Church – We Sign Commitment Cards and Manifestoes.

From Castles of Nutshells

An ongoing discussion at the Equality Central Forum.

Complementarian and Egalitarian Concerns: How Much Bias Do We Bring From Culture?

From A Peaceful and Quiet Life.

Describing Methods of Manipulation from Under Much Grace.


There’s plenty more.

So here’s our question: Is this document something you’d sign?  Why or why not?

Up Next – True Women: A Response (three parts).

* This also works with hot chocolate,  which may be more palatable at this time of year depending upon your weather. 🙂


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