A Circle of Sisters

photo058 Introducing our new meme, A Circle of Sisters (aka: A Community of Sojourners.)

“Where do faith, hope and love lead as we live in community?” asks author and professor of counseling at Western Seminary-Seattle, Dr. Dan Allender in The Healing Path.

Before we answer that, let’s backtrack a minute.

What’s a “sojourn”? The term is in vogue in many Christian circles. But what does it mean? What’s at the core of this word?

Glad you asked. Interesting word, “sojourn.” Its etymology: from the Middle English sojorn, from Anglo-French sujur, sujurn, from sujurner. Basic meaning: a temporary stay (as a guest). A sojourn in the country. Or, to spend a certain length of time; to reside temporarily. So when Christians refer to themselves as “sojourners,” the idea is that we’re “just travelling through, en route to some other destination. Our stay here is temporary.”

And “community” – what’s that? The word usually carries with it the concepts of unity, neighbor, cooperation, convergence, closeness, and kinship. So a “community of sojourners” – say, Christian women in this context – is…? And why should we care?

We’ll be exploring these concepts and others via key passages from The Healing Path and other resources as they relate to women, integrating faith, life, and ministry… (And whatever else springs to mind.) Stay tuned.


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