What “Community” Isn’t

“Borrowed from the paradigm of marriage – to leave one’s mother and father, to join together, to become one flesh – this concept has application in every relationship and in all communities. Obviously there are differences; nonetheless, we are to leave all to follow Christ, being in the world but not of it. We are to love one another deeply and from the heart and demonstrate the Father’s love for his Son by the way we love one another. We are to know a please and joy in communion, service, and worship that is the equivalent in marriage of becoming one flesh. Faith, hope, and love lead us to leave, cleave, and weave in community.”

— Dan Allender, The Healing Path

Notice what community ISN’T in this discussion. It isn’t a spiritual version of lock-step-itis where everyone thinks, acts, walks, talks, dresses, sounds and looks exactly alike.  It isn’t the latest version of  cardboard cut-outs from the same blasé stamp. Let’s not confuse unity with uniformity. Or insist that everyone else mirror every view, opinion, value, priority as our own.

More later.  Stay tuned.


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