“Gender Analyzer”

Thought we’d throw this in for free:

At Gender Analyzer, HEvencense is allegedly “written 67% by a woman*.”  Interestingly, our two other blogs ranked:

– Written “53% by a woman.”  However, it is “quite gender neutral” and

– Written “57% by a man.”  However, it is “quite gender neutral.”

Is that hilarious, or what?  The “analyzer” apparently “uses Artificial Intelligence to determine if a homepage is written by a man or woman.”  One wonders abut the criteria the “analyzer” uses in determining whether or not a particular blog is written by a man or a woman.  One also wonders if the analyzer is *analyzing* gender, subject matter, or the limits of A.I.?  Next question: Why does gender matter when it comes to who’s authoring a blog?

* HEvencense is edited/synthesized/collated by a woman, but contributors are both men and women.


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  1. […] think this analyzer could use some work. Hevencense, where I first read of this analyzer, is chuckling over the results they got […]

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