What Would Happen? #1

Does this sound familiar?

“People sit in church on Sunday morning. If they are really committed, they go to a Bible study or a small growth group. And if they are amazingly disciplined and committed, they will take on another ministry in the church like teaching Sunday school or helping out in a youth group. All these activities are wonderful. But what would happen if we also left the church as apostolic bands and entered the agora to join a fly-fishing club and visit a nursing home? What if we hung out in coffee shops and got involved in Big Brothers?” (The Healing Path, p. 246)

In describing what he calls the “institutional church,” Frank Viola puts it this way in Reimagining Church:

These churches are constructed on programs and rituals rather than relationships. They are highly structured, typically building-centered organizations regulated by set-apart professionals (“ministers” and “clergy”) who are aided by volunteers (laity). They require staff, buildings, salaries, and administration. In the institutional church congregants watch a religious performance once or twice a week led by principally one person (the pastor or minister), and then retreat home to their individual lives.”

Is this the kind of church we see modeled in the New Testament? If not, what happened? Why?

Stay Tuned for WWH #2.  Also coming soon: “True Woman” remixed.


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