What Would Happen? #2

“What would happen is we would immediately be in a mess. First of all, we wouldn’t know what we were doing. Second, we wouldn’t know how to talk with others in light of faith, hope, and love. Third, we wouldn’t have the time, Fourth, we wouldn’t get along. Our histories would conflict. Our dreams would not be the same. Our ways of engagement would ruffle each other’s feathers. We would have to pray, confess, repent, forgive, and fight on with people as diverse as Matthew – who was a tax gatherer and a lackey of the state – and Simon – a zealot, a terrorist committed to the destruction of the government.”

And would such a “mess” be a bad thing?

Consider this quote by Frank Viola from Reimagining Church:

“I have a dream that countless churches will be transformed from high-power business organizations into spiritual families – authentic Christ-centered communities – where the members know one another intimately, love one another unconditionally, bleed for one another deeply, and rejoice with one another unfailingly.”

Does this describe your “church” or “women’s ministries” experience? Why or why not?


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