What Would Happen? #3


Why did Jesus choose his followers from some “unlikely” candidates? I mean, really. Brothers from the same family? Political enemies, wild men? One of the first and most basic principles of the world is “avoid conflict at all costs.”

I’ve been in more small groups, Bible studies and women’s ministry forums and the like than I can count where that was the main mantra. Join with people who are like you, think like you, look like you, act like you. Hold the same values, accept the written and unwritten rules and for goodness’ sake, whatever you do, don’t anyone dare rock the boat!

The result? Well, from what I’ve seen that sort of group or ministry is safe, but it’s also myopic, ingrown, and stagnant.

The gospel comes along and says, “You are meant to be fools. Strangers. Pilgrims looking for home. Aliens in a foreign land. Re-enter the world and share my love by loving those with whom you wouldn’t normally get along.” Or, as Dan Allender writes, “We are to join with our motley crew members and enter the agora, intending to do more than merely have a good night out and kill some time” – which is what many “ministries” wind up doing, if not knowingly, then at least by default.


Coming soon: “True Woman” remixed.  See January posts for background.


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