In Company

Contrast the anemic version of look-alike, sound-alike, dress-alike, think-alike-ism and ask what entering the agora in company looks like?

Maybe neighbors or friends from different churches link up and host a joint Vacation Bible School? Maybe they form a book discussion group, and read something besides Christian books! Maybe they make a pact to remember each other’s special dates – birthdays and anniversaries, etc. – and host a friendly competition as to who can throw the craziest celebration over a year’s time.

Reading, talking, laughing, month by month over years, these folks become part of each other’s stories, chapter and verse. They can’t do it as “ministry” in the manner in which that term is usually used.

Author and speaker John Eldredge of Ransomed Heart Ministries puts it like this:

“When we turn to God from the heart, seeking to recover our first Love, we awaken to the Gospel as a romance. Not a set of principles to be mastered, not a roster of programs to get involved in. First and foremost, the Gospel is a love affair with God. What a wonderful revelation; … We soon discover that the heart is absolutely vital to the Christian life – the heart of God, and our heart, too. We begin to taste a bit of what Jesus meant when he said he came to give us life (see John 10:10).”

We live in a world at war. Unseen forces swirl around us, engaged in an invisible battle. Sometimes we see the effects – broken homes, addictions, abuse, suicide. Sometimes not. Sometimes we get so “used” to living in a fall world that we forget this isn’t our final destination. We have an Enemy. Where can we find allies? With whom can we share this journey?


Coming Soon: “True Woman” remixed.  Stay tuned!


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