“On the Road”


“What would happen if a group of men who love to golf said, ‘Let’s golf for God’ asks Allender (p.247, The Healing Path). “Better your game. Take lessons. Hang out at the nineteenth hole afterward, swapping stories and watching the faces of men who are in the middle of tough times. Perhaps it will involve walking out to the car with a guy who is hurting and simply asking, `Are you okay?’ When he answers, ‘Yeah. I’m doing fine,’ a response earned through hours of golf and kibitzing can be offered: ‘I don’t think so. I won’t press you, but I want you to know I’ll be praying for you. I’m warning you: In a couple days I will call you so you can tell me again that you’re doing fine. Okay?’

Rich people who like hanging out together ought to be asking, `How can we reach other rich people for God?’ Men who regularly score 180 ought to be asking, ‘How can we bowl for Christ?” Women who are mothers of preschoolers can use MOPS to get women together for a break and a time of reflection. People who are troubled by AIDS, world hunger, or prison ministry can volunteer together.

The healing path takes us ‘on the road’ with others who serve a vision, who serve each other, and who ultimately serve the glory of God. And this ‘leaving’ together can only be done if we cleave together.”

Up next: “Potluck Relationships?”


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