“Mutual Investment”

“Mutual investment in a burden outside us demands an investment in each other. The investment will be like a bucking stock that drops from forty-two dollars a share to three dollars and then slowly goes back up, falls, and grows. It will be tempting to sell early in order to cut our losses.”

– Dan Allender, The Healing Path

Does this ring a bell?  Know anyone who decided to “sell early” in a relationship? A girlfriend? Neighbor? Colleague? Spouse? Bible study partner?

Continues Allender:

“But true faith remembers.  It remembers God’s open arms waiting for us. Faith remembers the moments of embrace and the sweetness of reconciliation: As I have been loved, I am called to remain open to you’ (provided the other party is also open. This isn’t always the case). “To open my heart to you is to be ready and willing to come to your aid with all that I have in order to do you good. It is also to open my heart to see how I have hurt you and failed to love you as well as I take care of myself.”

Wow.  Talk about powerful.   It almost sounds like NT Christianity, doesn’t it?


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