“To Live Well”


“To live well we must respond freely to the good of others. It is playful to say to a friend: ‘I know you are hurting. I am exhausted and have little to give. Do you want to talk now or would you prefer I call you back when I’m less distracted?’ If she refuses to be honest or turns away hurt and angry it is not because you failed in your `response-ability.’ You heard her pain. You listened to the limit of your capacity to be involved. You have a real alternative that promised response and engagement.

To be playful is to enter the battle of life for others just as you are, accepting your limitations while dreaming of the unlimited and redeemed. It is to engage in the present with your full presence for the sake of another’s future.”

Dan Allender, The Healing Path, pp. 252-53

Notice the word “freely” in relation to “response” in the first para.  Do you think that’s a coincidence, or intentional?  How do you “live well”?


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