What’s a “sojourn”? It’s a term that’s come into vogue in many Christian circles lately. But what does it mean? What’s at the core of this word? (See prior posts for discussion.)

“When we think of sojourning together for a common purpose, writes Allender, “many Christians think only of `holding each other accountable’ – making sure (‘in love,’ of course) that everyone is doing their part for the kingdom.” (Ever heard that before?) “But accountability is not the process of chiding one another to be more faithful, nor is it merely encouraging others to be what they were meant to be. Rather, it is sitting back at the end of the day on the porch with other kingdom workers, laughing about Don’s earlier efforts not to embarrass ma man talking to him, who had a chunk of ravioli stuck to his tie. Or it is taking Kirk for his college band outfit until tears stream down our faces and cause the retreat center’s owners to look at us like we’re mad. We are meant o weep together, marvel about each other, and with gratitude, let the sun set. Accountability means to recount the day together.” (Dan Allender, The Healing Path, p. 253.)

Speaking of definitions, that’s the most refreshing definition of “accountability” that we’ve heard in years. How ‘bout you?

More later. Stay tuned.


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