More on Accountability

“Each day is woven with ordinary thread. Some days have blazing gold intersecting the fabric; other sections of the cloth are stained and darkened by tragedy. In recounting the day the full tapestry needs to be considered. It may become clear that one has worked too hard while another was slow and inefficient. If we are an apostolic band 9see discussion above), then discussion must ensue. Not everyone can bring in the same number of bales, nor should they. Some are better drivers; others are better at getting a good price for the work. Our gifts are different, therefore our labor should not be the same. But our passion for the greater glory and the good of each person must shape the tone of our conversations. Accountability is storytelling in a round that brings each voice into play; ultimately forming a chorus that sings in praise of forgiveness, glories in the harvest to come, and rests in the gratitude of a day done. As we make our way to our ultimate home and then cleave together along the way, we will experience moments of soul-transforming worship. Worship weaves our hearts together in wonder, gratitude and service.”

– Dan Allender, The Healing Path, p. 254.


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