“The Prize”

Body and blood swirling over our palate compel us to remember the body of Christ hanging on a cross on a shaggy, refuse-strewn knoll outside Jerusalem.  He was betrayed.  He was powerless.  He was put to shame.  Yet Christ was faithful.  He refused to despair.  Instead he cried out to his Father and sacrificed himself in obedience to his calling for the sake of joy.

Worship is the prize for leaving our home and cleaving to our friends.  Worship is eating and drinking and dancing at the party where we are honored guests when we ought to be despised outcasts.  Worship is the rest that strengthens us to serve.

It’s time to set out, pack up our stories, check our compass, and move together into a world of betrayal, powerlessness, and ambivalence for the sake of more stories, more awe and gratitude, and more God.

In the pipeline: All in the Family – stories of family life in the Body (including reflections on Juicy Fruit, Christian charity, The 10 Essentials and Real Life.)  Stay tuned!


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