Frankly, What Would Happen Is…

Frankly, what would happen is a mess.  First, we wouldn’t know what we’re doing.  Second, we wouldn’t know how to talk with others in light of faith, hope, and love.  Then we wouldn’t have the time.  We wouldn’t get along.  Our histories would conflict.  Our dreams wouldn’t be the same.  Our ways of engagement would ruffle each other’s feathers.  We’d have to pray, confess, repent, forgive, and fight on with people as diverse as Matthew – who was a tax gatherer and a lackey of the state – and Simon – a zealot, a terrorist committed to the destruction of the government.

Would such a “mess” be a bad thing?

While we’re on the subject, can we get real for a minute?  Does going to church with several dozen or a hundred or a thousand other people ask that much of you?  It’ll never expose you – reveal who you really are, “warts and all.”  But in a family – by that I mean an intimate community, small group, home fellowship, Bible study, your “band of allies” –  you won’t be able to hide who you are.  You won’t be able to conceal where you have yet to become holy.  Or fake your story.  You may even get close enough to others so that you’ll be seen and known beyond a plastic grin and a handshake.

When we live in community, you’ll now my story.  The real one.  I’ll know yours.  Also the real one.  That’s where the power and the danger of “family life” lie.  Maybe that’s why many people prefer the Sunday-morning, go-to-meeting, put-my-happy face-on routine?


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