“What We’re Meant 2B…”

But as Christian author and counselor Dan Allender writes in The Healing Path, “We’re meant to be a community, a holy priesthood that returns to the insipid, cold world as salt and light, flavor and warmth. We cannot do so and were never meant to do so as a building that unbelievers occasionally visit or as a protest movement that merely lobbies for a Christian world-view.”

Be honest now.  Anyone can look serene and surrendered for Christ once a week, in their Sunday best, from a comfortable, anonymous distance.  Besides, isn’t it easier to watch a religious performance once or twice a week led by principally one person (the pastor or minister), and retreat home to your individual, isolated life than it is to reach out, be real, and risk rejection?

It is for me.  In fact, some of my greatest disappointments, deepest woundings and most intense lows have come within the context of “Christian community.”  As John Eldredge writes in Waking the Dead:

Seriously now, how often have you seen this sort of intimate community work?  It is rare.  Because it is hard, it is fiercely opposed.  … A true community is something you’ll have to fight for.  You’ll have to fight to get one, and you’ll have to fight to keep it afloat.  But fight for it as you bail out a life raft during a storm at sea. You want this thing to work.  You need this thing to work. … This is the church; this is all you have.  Without it, you’ll go down.  Or back to captivity.  This is the reason those small house fellowships thrive in other countries: they need each other.  There are no other options.

Right on, John.


Join us next time for “Drying Cement.”


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