“Drying Cement”

Those in the family of God are indebted to each another.  We need to fight for one another.  You cover my back.  I watch yours.  I must try to protect you from sin’s deceitfulness and the resulting proclivity to harden your heart against God’s tender call.  You do the same for me.  We all stand in drying cement.  My feet are made of clay.  So are yours.  I get tripped up, fouled up and stumbled up.  So do you.  If we don’t keep moving forward on the pilgrim journey of faith, we’ll become bound and enslaved to something or someone other than God.

That would be infinitely worse than having no community, no family at all.


Coming soon: Nuggets & Nudges Revisited, a three-part mini-series on “women’s ministry.”


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