“All in the Family”: An Encore

Family is about relationships and relating.  It’s where you and I learn and grow and makes messes and mistakes and fall and regain our footing, sometimes teetering and tentative.

Family is where the strong help the weak.  The old mentor the young.  The swift wait for the slow.  It’s where moms, dads, siblings, uncles and aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces and grandparents link up.  Where we share our lives and stories.  Where we become allies and battle a common Enemy.

Family is where you and I press on together, faces toward the Son, and walk day to day, arm in arm with a Father who loves every last endearing, eccentric one of us.

If we’re in Christ, we’re all in the family.  Even those of us who haven’t yet figured out how to get Juicy Fruit off the back of our heads.  (If you don’t get this last line, check out the June 18 post.)


Up next: Nuggets and Nudges Revisited.  Part 1  in a three-part mini-series.


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