Nuggets & Nudges Revisited: 1 of 3

HEvencense has noticed something related to Nuggets and Nudges: Ideas for Women’s Ministry .  Despite the fact that the original post was first published in January 2008 and numerous other posts, threads, topics, series and conversations are going on here, Nuggets and Nudges consistently draws more hits than any other single post on this blog, by quite a margin.  A close second is Cleaver & Conundrums: Why I Don’t Do Women’s Retreats.

We have to ask: Why?  Does this tell us anything?  What?

Possible responses are legion.  Has the usual “women’s ministry” program or paradigm run out of steam?  Are Christian women on the lookout for fresh ideas?  Maybe they want to try something new, add some zest or innovation to their current women’s ministry?  Maybe they’re looking for another approach, something original or novel?  Are some women’s ministry paradigms not meeting the needs or keeping the interest of today’s Christian woman?  Are more Christian women looking for something deeper, more engaging or inspiring, challenging and stretching?  Has “women’s ministry” become the proverbial “tail wagging the dog” – trying to keep up and losing ground fast?  Questions surrounding relevancy, significance and real-world application abound.  Ditto gender stereotyping.

We know many Christian women who simply “don’t do” women’s ministry anymore.  Again, their reasons are legion – everything from boredom to burnout to frustration and exasperation with the Suzy Homemaker-June Cleaver-Martha Stewart-Proverbs 31 woman version of “women’s ministry.”  These women are just plain tired of the how-you-can-be-a-better-wife, mother and created-to-be-his—helpmeet brand of “women’s ministry.”  They’re not in to Tupperware, fridge magnets, recipe swapping, afternoon teas, or “touchy-feely,” Kleenex-clutching “girlfriend groups.”

Nothing wrong with any of that, but where are the “women’s ministry” programs that dig deep into the Scriptures and ask the tough questions about gender roles, women in church leadership, complementarianism vs. egalitarianism, or the mysteries of the hypostatic union or the Imago Dei?

Where are the “women’s ministry” programs that do something besides reinforce – or in some cases, cram down one’s throat – gender paradigms recycled from the 1950s?  What about women who are scholarly, academic, and “color outside the lines”?  What about women who are doctors, lawyers, CEOS or business owners in the Monday thru Friday world, but on Sundays they’re only asked to decorate for banquets or run the nursery?  Where do high achievers with an insatiable thirst for sturdy, well-fed hearts, minds, and souls go?

There’s more.  Stay tuned for part two.


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  1. THANK YOU – you are such a breath of fresh air! I look forward to reading through your archives.

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