Nuggets Revisited – Part 2 of 3

In our local church, “women’s ministry” currently consists of an annual evening get-together featuring a meal, tablecloths and centerpieces, flowers, a speaker, some kind of craft and chocolate.  We call these meetings “frou-frou fraternities” (we would’ve called them “sororities,” but that doesn’t alliterate with “frou-frou.”)  🙂  The last one was in November and revolved around a Thanksgiving theme.

The men have had monthly Men’s Night Out gatherings for the past several months.  If memory serves, the theme for one of the first was Don’t be a Girly Man, Be a Godly Man.  I wasn’t sure if that was a slap at men or women, or both.  June’s MNO theme was The Power of a Lion. The evening featured a barbecue, paper plates and cups, a Battle of the Ages competition and a discussion on “the influence we have in each other’s lives.”

We chuckled at the theme, because in the wild it’s not the male lion who influences – or leads – much of anything.  The  chief responsible party in any pride is the lionness.  She does the vast majority of the stalking, hunting, providing, protecting, and cub-rearing.  The male lion typically lays around and feasts off the fruit of the lionness’s efforts.   A male lion’s main function is procreation.  We wondered if any of the planners of this Power of a Lion night out knew that?  But that’s another story.

Looking at these two “ministry paradigms,” I’m (the editor) thinking…. Hmmmm… frou-frou, macrame-making, tea-drinking and watercress sandwiches vs. an outdoor barbecue,  rip-roarin’ games of softball or volleyball or a hike in the hinterlands and the chance to get outside, enjoy some fresh air, sunshine, the Great Outdoors, plus an athletic competition and a discussion about challenge and influence to boot?

Weather may have been a factor (November vs. June), but chocolate or not, that’s a no-brainer.  Sign me up for the next “men’s” night out!

Stay tuned for Part 3.


Coming soon: a thirteen-part series on

Male and Female Complementarity…?


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