Nuggets Revisited – Part 3 of 3

Where are the “women’s ministry” programs that do something besides reinforce – or in some cases, cram down one’s throat – gender paradigms recycled from the 1950s?  What about women who are scholarly, academic, and “color outside the lines”?  What about women who are doctors, lawyers, CEOS or business owners in the Monday thru Friday world and are only asked to decorate for banquets or run the Nursery in the Sunday world?  Where do high achievers with an insatiable thirst for well-fed hearts, minds, and souls go?  Even a cursory Google of “women’s ministry” brings up hits that revolve around marriage, rubber stamping and scrapbooking, and motherhood.  Is that all there is to “Christian womanhood?”

Ditto the “ministries” and organizations and “Bible studies” that largely perpetuate gender stereotypes in the guise of “Bible studies” or lop-sided theology.  Where are the resources, studies, paradigms and programs that speak to what or who a Christian woman is rather than one-size-fits-all box of what she does (the typical “Proverbs 31” approach)?

Thankfully, there are notable exceptions such as Rethinking Women Ministry by Amy Simpson and Ruby Slippers: How the Soul of a Woman Brings Her Home by Jonalyn Grace Fincher as well as Gifted for Leadership.  “Women’s ministry”  may have come a long way in recent years, but has it come far enough?

The next questions are: Where, When, How, and Who?


Coming soon: a thirteen-part series on

Male and Female Complementarity…?


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