‘In a Company of Christians’

Most Christians look for “fellow sojourners” or “allies” in the church.  But many churches don’t teach that the heart is central, or that the battle is real.  Instead, they focus on programs, busyness, social causes, teaching “sound doctrine” and so on.Nothing wrong with any of that, but take the heart out of “church” and it can become soul-killing.Where do we learn how to walk with God, from and with the heart?

How can you pray for one another, specifically? How do you get to know several hundred or even several thousand other people beyond the superficial Sunday morning “Hello” and “Goodbye”?Where do you do “life together”?When and where do they learn your story, and you learn theirs?

It could be in a small group.  An “organic church.”  A home fellowship. Whatever you want to call it, it has to be real and “bite-sized.”

It has to be, as Allendar writes, a “company of Christians.”These people must be open to being moved and changed by the works they’re reading, the parties they’re throwing, the plans they implement, by the stories and shared lives of the group.These clubs or groups or fellowships or friends don’t gather just to critique or plan, but to be transformed.

Do you belong to a group like that?  If not, ask God to lead you people who share a similar vision.  Pray. Then – initiate and open your doors… and watch God work.


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