Male and Female Complementarity, Part 9


Continuing from the last post and Made In His Image, by Lambert Dolphin:

“The originally one human being Adam/Eve was now to be separated into two—differentiated in two separate persons. Both Adam and Eve already existed as a single unit—as the word bara implies. Having already created (bara) the soul and spirit of Adam/Eve, and after having molded the body of the first man, God now makes a division of this one compound man into male and female. Placing Adam into a deep sleep, God took a rib from the side of Adam and made a woman. The Hebrew root (banah), translated made, described God’s making of Eve by taking her out of Adam/Eve. Banah means to construct or build, as when one builds a house or constructs an Ark—this word implies creative artisanship by God. Adam was formed but Eve was made! (Emphasis added)

In summary, after God made “Adam/Eve” in His own image, He subsequently separated the man whom He had made into two—Adam and Eve. Thus, an original unity of “man” was replaced by a division into two complementary opposites. The image of God in our race is therefore carried by the man and the women in equal weight. Whatever other terms we may wish to associate with man being made in the image and likeness of God, the existence of two separate sexes is a very important part of the image of God which we, as men and women, jointly bear. It is as if half of life is to be understood and interpreted from a man’s point of view and half from a woman’s point of view. These two points of view are not identical, they are complementary!

The existence of two sexes and the fact that it takes male and female persons to adequately reflect the nature of God implies that the Being of God is as much masculine as it is feminine. This is a difficult concept because God Himself does not describe Himself as a sexual being. All the persons of the Godhead are called by masculine nouns and pronouns in our English Bibles. Furthermore the godhead consists of a union of three Persons, not two, as in human marriage.”

Tune in next time for some pithy observations from Allison Young on Genesis 1-3.


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