Male and Female Complementarity, Part 11

– See prior posts for context –

Ware continues, anticipating questions from singles:

“There is one more question singles may rightly ask. How is the headship of the male who is created first in the image of God to be honored by single women and men?”

Among other things, his response includes:

The temporal priority of the male in the image of God means that in general, within male-female relationships among singles, there should be a deference offered to the men by the women of the group, which acknowledges the woman’s reception of her human nature in the image of God through the man, but which also stops short of a full and general submission of women to men. Deference, respect, and honor should be showed to men, but never should there be an expectation that all the women must submit to the men’s wishes.

Question: Why not?  If one maintains that a woman’s reception of her human nature in the image of God comes through the man, why stop short of a “full and general submission of women to men” anywhere?  If that line of reasoning is biblically valid, what grounds does any woman have for not submitting “to the men’s wishes” in any venue or context?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. For more of Ware’s views and some implications, see this round-up.

After wading through the above and other Ware-isms, I concur with this conclusion offered by Molly Alley at Complegaliarian:

That Ware spoke at a large much-lauded conservative church is troubling. That he is praised for “rightly and clearly representing complementarian doctrine” is more troubling. I will admit, after wading through all of these posts, to sitting here with a heavy heart. If this is not an adequate representation of complementarian doctrine for you, and if you live in circles where Ware is considered an authoritative leader, please make your voice heard.


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